Get Involved with the Alano Club

Why Support the Alano Club

The Alano Club is made possible by generous donations from people like you. Every dollar we receive helps us keep our doors open 365 days a year. Your contributions allow us to support many recovery programs and mutual aid groups, hosting over 50 meetings a week. When you choose to support Alano Club financially, you’re saving lives!

Here’s What Your Dollars Do

Your donations keep our door open, so people who are recovering from addiction or seeking a supportive community have a safe place to go. When you donate, your financial support provides:

  • A safe space for people to meet and support one another
  • Improvements and maintenance that keeps our beloved building in good condition, making Alano Club safe and accessible for all
  • Utilities so we can keep the lights on and water running for you
  • Support for different recovery programs to help people in their journey of healing from addiction, whether it’s their own or someone else’s
  • Numerous mutual aid groups
  • Coffee supplies, cleaning products, and other essentials
Ultimately, every cent you donate supports our community and makes a real difference in someone’s life. Thank you for your support!


Financially support the Alano Club and create a safe space for recovery in our community.


Share your skills, passions, and abilities and promote addiction recovery in the Edmonton area.


When you become a member at Alano Club, you’re choosing to become a stakeholder in our mission.

Community Partners

Give back together! Support the Alano Club as a company or organization.

Legacy Giving

When you designate the Edmonton Alano Club a beneficiary of your will, trust, or other accounts, your generosity supports thousands in the Edmonton area.

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