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The roads to recovery are many…

Edmonton Alano Club is a nonprofit organization that supports our community in addiction recovery. Our name is a compilation of our different functions: AL is for alcohol, AN for anonymous, O for organization. We host many different recovery support groups and meetings and are proud to be open to the public 365 days a year.

We believe that all roads to recovery are worth celebrating. We don’t wear the same shoes or walk the same path, so the best program for you is the one that keeps you sober.

The roads to recovery are many, and the resolution of alcoholism by any method should be a cause for celebration by AA members.” – Bill Wilson

Our Club’s mottos confirm our welcoming spirit. “Keep coming back,” “we’ll save a seat for you” and “stronger together.” We welcome everyone to call our Club their second home!

10728 124 Street

The History of our Alano Club

The Edmonton Alano Club was founded in 1953 by a group of interested members of Alcoholics Anonymous. They saw a need for the alcoholism recovery support resources that Bill Wilson & Dr. Bob had helped to get started in their own communities, providing a safe place for meetings and fellowship. Through their hard work, a fellowship of men and women sharing the desire to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve recovery was born here.

The Alano Club’s initial home was in the building depicted here, but as the number of participants increased, we eventually outgrew our space there. The club moved to its current location on 124th Street in 2005 and has been in the same place ever since.

The Alano Club has had several major renovations over the years, with the latest  refresh of our meeting rooms and lounge area happening quite recently. We hear all the time from out-ot-town visitors that they’d have to go “a long way to find a club as good as this one is.”  We are grateful to have our club premises and strive to be good stewards of its use.

Today, we serve the members of many different fellowships. Our club is open every day of the year. Our meeting spaces are clean and friendly, and we have a resource library and club lounge area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, read, and practice sobriety.

Original Club Site
Our refreshed lounge area

What Makes Our Club Special

Because alcoholism is a family disease, the Alano Club has expanded our programming to reach others in need through other programs like Al-Anon and Ala-Teen groups for families and friends of the alcoholic.

We’ve also added other groups to support our friends and neighbors as they recover from other types of addiction through programs like Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, CODA, Marijuana Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, along with the family support groups like Nar-Anon and Alanon Family & Friends. And because it’s not uncommon for people in recovery to replace one addiction with another, we now are open to supporting organizations like Food Addicts in Recovery and Eating Disorder Anonymous.

For over 68 years, the Edmonton Alano Club’s mission has been to serve those recovering from alcoholism and/or addiction by providing a welcoming place for support, meetings, and fellowship. People come to us in a variety of ways: some are referred by the Alberta Court System, a health care provider, at the urging of family or loved ones, and some on their own initiative. Regardless of how a person ends up at the Alano Club, when they get here, they are immediately welcomed as part of our family.

Meeting Room 1 (COVID spacing)
Meeting Room 2 (COVID spacing)


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